Me Myself & I

It’s fair to say that I do enjoy my work, and I am pretty focused on keeping my clients as fit and as mobile as possible. During a treatment I work hard to ensure you get every minute of value out of your time and money. I do not operate back to back appointments unlike most "white walled" high street clinics, which means if you book 60 minutes of massage you get 60 minutes of massage.
If you are really interested in getting rid of neck and shoulder tension and are prepared to work at it, then get in contact. If you want to improve your range of motion, or reduce muscle tightness then get in contact.
Be warned though, if you plan to have a treatment with me it will NOT be the Chicken Korma of massage think more Vindaloo. I do not do "skin polishing" I leave that to the lovely ladies at the beauty salons.


Not all Sports Massage Qualifications are the same. Mine thankfully is one of the best and I have and continue to work hard at improving my knowledge base for the benefit of my clients and myself. I studied at the Central YMCA (one of the UKs Leading fitness training Institutions) in Central London, passing my exams with distinction and was in the top 25% of my year. I am qualified and bound by the Sports Massage Association Level 4 Certification. I have since gone on and gained further qualifications in Neuro Muscular Re-Education and other Soft Tissue Manipulation Techniques.


Long Distance Triathlon is my first sport, and I compete in races throughout the UK & Europe. The training does take up a fair amount of time, and I'm often riding or running around the local roads of St Agnes and Mount Hawke and beyond. I keep a blog of my training where you can keep up to date of all the highs and some of the lows. 

Surfboat Rowing

Spring and summer 2011 saw me try my hand at Surfboat Rowing with Porthtowan Surf Life Saving Club. The best way to describe Surfboat Rowing is like flat water rowing but with waves, Really BIG waves. Do not confuse it with Gig Rowing they have it pretty easy compared to this. They also get to wear a load more clothes. Being dumped out of the boat is pretty inevitable and was pile drived by the surf on numerous occasions. It was a great season being part of the Blue Betty crew, by the time we got the final events of the season we were performing as quite a tight unit. Thanks to Kahlil (Sweep) Ian, Billy, & Pete for making that happen. 


Canicross is a bizarre sport originating in Central Europe where is was originally part of off season training for sleigh dogs. Since then it has moved on, so think extreme dog walking and you start to get an idea of what CaniCross is all about. Winter 2010 was my rookie season ably assisted by Pernod and Ricard (The Pastis Brothers). Apparently two dogs is not the normal way to do it and most people are happy with just a single dog. Pernod provided the brawn and Ricard providing some much needed to brains to the outfit we have enjoyed a reasonable amount of success bagging numerous Seconds and Thirds. Not bad for our Rookie season. It's a great sport and the perfect opportunity to do something the properly embraces the winter as well as staying in some fantastic locations during in the winter months.