Looks like this summer my humble broken down abode will host some additional residents. 

A couple of very friendly Cornus Monedula also known as Jackdaw’s are setting up home in the ceiling void of the apex of my lounge just above my porthole window that looks out onto the stable yard. 

I’ll be honest they are not quietest of housemates and I suspect that as we progress through to summer things are going to get a whole lot noisier.

Either way its nice to have some additional company, and I might try and set up a webcam to film them. 


An easy week of training, just trying to find my mojo again after feeling a little over-reached from the exploits of the past month or so. 

The prospect of racing in 6 weeks time certainly isn't at the forefront of my mind, but I’m very well aware that my head space can change quite quickly and with it, my motivation. A few more days of exposure to some descent weather and I might just get the £500 entry fee paid out. 

In the mean time it will be a case of just keep chugging away at the training.