Compared to my previous races, the run up to Ironman Lanzarote has been possibly one of the hardest and most hectic. The combination of increased work load from my business and taking on a few experimental projects have left me pretty much time poor and mentally stretched a little thin. That said I’ve gained some valuable insight into my time management which I can refine for the future.


The winter training has been centred around two big volume warm weather training blocks. That in itself has worked well, but in order to get the best from these, the recovery element needed to also happen. 

In reality I’d get back to the UK to then face a fortnight to three weeks of crazy busy workload, which has just added to the fatigue levels, the compounded effect of this, put me into classic overtraining territory. 

All the sophisticated training tools in the world wouldn’t have identified this, as it wasn’t about the training, it was about the life around the training, and unfortunately that isn’t really a recordable metric. Thankfully that’s where the experience of a good coach (Darryl Carter) and having enough self awareness to identify and admit that the current path is unsustainable. 

Its been easier said than done to claw it back from the brink but I think we are about there now. 

Weight Management

Battling with weight seems to be a constant in my world, and after Lanzarote I will be given my diet and relationship with food a massive overhaul. 

In the mean time i’ve been trying to hit a target weight of 72kgs. In January I was at 77.4Kg and 20.7% body fat, this morning I was coming in at 73.5 Kgs and 18.1% body fat. 

For Comparison:

  • Roth (2015) I was at 77.8kg and 20.1%
  • Frankfurt (2014) came in at 72.8 and 15.5%

Race Prep

Overtraining aside,  This is probably the most recced Ironman I have attempted, I’ve biked the course countless times and know every inch of the promenade in Puerto Del Carman. So far I’ve only had about 2 big anxiety moments, and getting the kit and logistics sorted seems to have been relatively chilled out . 

We shall see how all that translates on 21st May for athlete number 1370.