Summary of the day

Today saw the first day of Iron.Camp training, starting with a pretty straight forward swim familiarisation after breakfast, followed by an 8 mile run along the sea front in the early afternoon. Nothing to mind crushing at this stage, however it is only the first day and the as the sessions get longer and more intense so will the accumulated physical and mental fatigue.

Breakfast was of course coffee and porridge, it must be mentioned at this point that Billy is more of a coffee snob than even me! and had bought his own ground coffee over (supplied by the team at 108 Coffee in Truro) as well as an Aeropress! I on the other hand made do with 4 spoons of Nescafe in the tiniest mug known to man. Thankfully we were on a more equal footing with the porridge, pimped with banana and a bit of sugar.
After we have gulped our food and drink down it was time to get the wetsuits on and head down to the beach for the first of the swim sessions (detailed below), in as part of the session Billy was going to try out the GoPro head cam in the water and see if we could get any cool footage to be used on the website. It is fair to say that we managed about 43 seconds of swim footage the rest was pretty much filming the sky, at some point we will edit and upload this to the website.

 As part of this trip it is the intention to try and document the experience as comprehensively as possible, it is fair to say that this does eat into time hugely and the rest of the morning was pretty much dedicated to getting the first day blogs published as well as wrestling with the crappy internet connection at the apartment complex.

After an omelette lunch, it was onwards to the run session. Having witnessed some of the previous nights running efforts on the promenade it was clear that regardless of your skill level, as long as you look the part and were confident about it, you could pretty much get away with wearing anything. Of course in my world this meant white calf guards the new lairy ascis trainers and the opportunity to try out the fusion tri shorts. I think this came as a slight shock to our Scouse friends in the apartment next door, who were beached on their sunbeds nursing hangovers. The run details and data are described a little more fully below. Once back prepping for tomorrow was pretty much the order of the day I got a great deal on a hire car which will be getting us into the thick of things in Timanfaya. Then it was a Spag Bol dinner made by yours truly and a pint at the local to finish of the days publishing.

Training session: OW swim

Session Plan:

A post breakfast swim, nothing too manic. Primarily a water familiarisation session. Swim out right from the Ironman swim start around to second inlet, (should take about 5 minutes) then swim back and then a further 10 minutes following the line of the beach. Return back to swim start should see a gentle 30 minutes complete.

Session Execution and Report:

It was cool to get back in the open water. Water temperature was very agreeable making it easy to cruise into the session with none of the usual anxieties that I get after a break from open water. 

One first today, was slightly bizarre experience of swimming over scuba divers who were receiving instruction in the depths below, and with plenty of fish in the shallows made for some cool viewing whilst swimming along. of course no open water session would be complete without the mandatory run out of the water onto the beach. 

Training session: Run

Session Plan:

Heat of the day might come as a bit of a shock to the system, so aim to run along the front to the airport (6.5km) at a consistent 4:57/km (8:00min/mile), on the turn point start building the pace to finish the final km at, at least 4:30/km (7:15min/mile). Should be complete in 60 minutes.

Session Execution and Report:

This was the first opportunity to stretch the legs on a breezy and warm (25 degrees) afternoon along the promenade to the airport. Despite our every effort to try and keep the pace slow on the way out, the average came in at 4:50/km. At the turn point with the cooling effect of the head wind now behind us it was an opportunity to start cranking up the pace. The sweat did start to pour on the return leg, even my new hat couldn’t wick it away from leaching into my eyes, however, despite a few near misses with families and buggies our return pace averaged comfortable 4:27/km. The pleasing aspect of this session was that the run did feel effortless and easy and kept good form throughout.