Summary of the day

Today a fairly early start was required, in order to try and build in some more time to get on with general admin, (like buying food and getting upto date on the bloody blogging). Trying to chug down peanut butter toast, porridge, and coffee prior to 0630hrs in a morning I never find that much fun, however, young Mr Hodgson and myself managed to get to our start point in Playa Blanca with bikes set up and ready go for 0900hrs.

The first 20km took in the stunning scenery along the coast where the lava fields meet the sea at Los Hervideros. The sea spray from the aggressive surf crashing into the rocks came as a welcome relief on what was shaping up to be the hottest day yet. Onwards to Yaiza which was in the midst of readying itself for the daily influx of tourists. Of course it isn't just coach loads of tourists that pass through Yaiza and it was at this point that a rather lost looking cyclist decided that Billy's extensive local knowledge would help him find his way to Playa Blanca. With cyclist safely despatched it was back to the LZ67 for our third climb to Fire Mountain in two days. Compared to yesterday, the wind had moved around to the northeast and calmed a little, this would hopefully mean that this third ascent would be a little more bearable, in fact today we were feeling so confident that we even stopped for pictures at the Timanfaya sign.

To be fair it was still hard work but knowing the road did make it far less of a mental battle plus also knowing that once that was nailed it would be 18km descent to La Santa.

We arrived at Club La Santa pretty much on schedule. The high walls of the complex and and remoteness do make it more fit to be a prison than a fitness destination. We had a mooch around and watched and listened to an over jealous German fitness instructor who was mercilessly counting out the reps in her class. I don't think anyone would have dared miss a single squat for fear of being given some further form of torture to repent their sins. Suitably unimpressed we started on our journey back, the 18km descent would now become and long be relatively kind 18km ascent with wind given us a helpful push.

This potential cycling utopia did not last for long and after about 10km the heavens opened down came the rain!, gone were the smiling faces, it was just a case of get your head down and grind it out as safely and as efficiently as possible. The rain relented pretty much once we summited and it was with happy hearts and steaming tarmac that saw us start the final hour of biking back to Playa Blanca.

Training session: Bike

Session Plan:

Head out from Playa Blanca to La Santa and back try and include to coast road to El Golfo and Fire Mountain. the return trip should take about 4 hours but don't kill yourselves.

Session Execution and Report:

A fairly straight forward session and despite my initial concerns of whether it could be done in the time frame we did manage to come in pretty much to schedule. Pretty happy with the mornings work. Job done