Summary of the day

As the week has progressed the fatigue is just starting to linger a little longer, so today being scheduled as a recovery day was very welcome. Breakfast, blogging and seeing some of Billy’s epic GoPro footage from the previous day, distracted my mind from the dull ache in my quads.

Another reason the recovery day was welcome, was that the weather had turned pretty big over night, with a huge dump of rain that had continued through the morning along with some pretty manic winds, making the cosy confines of the apartment pretty much the place to be.

By about 1100hrs our creative minds were beginning to flag, and it was off down to the seafront in search of coffee, cake and to assess what the weather was really doing down on the beach, for our light swim later in the day. The wind was not inconsiderable, the surf was “up” and the beach had been red flagged for the day, with the lifeguards not cutting anyone any slack for the option of a quick dip. 

A short walk found us at possibly the only dedicated coffee shop on the see front, saying that it also operated as a supermarket which saw the waiting on staff occasionally hopping onto a till to process somebody's weekly shop. With great coffee and some awesome pastry and chocolate creations neither of us were in any particular hurry to leave. I would have happily sat and people watched for several more hours but my body was beginning to seize up, plus we seriously needed to stock the larder for the week ahead as time was not going be on our side.

With shelves brimming full of wholesome grub for the next seven days, it was time to face the reality that our recovery swim would be confined to the pool in the apartment complex and it was with wetsuits donned (I can assure you that pool was freezing) that we chugged up and down the pool and got the session done. It wasn’t particularly fun but it got the blood moving we did feel better for it. I think this feat of dedication to the cause earned us some respect from guests in the apartments around the pool, gone were the bemused looks, replaced nods of agreement at a job well done.

Training session: Swim

Session Plan:

Easy 30 minute swim with regular breaks no dramas and no effort

Session Execution and Report:

The beach had been red flagged for the day so resorted to the hotel pool to get our swim session done. worked out pretty well with some bemused guests looking on.


  • Swim: no file today