Summary of the day

As the days progress on I’m turning more and more into a training automaton, mentally I’m pretty much at the place of just having blind acceptance at whatever might be thrown at us and getting on and doing it, I’m not sure if that makes it easier or harder and to be honest it is probably not the best idea in the world to start over thinking the whole experience. Onwards to todays report.

Waking this morning with the same big weather as yesterday I was all to thankful that the bike wasn’t going to be featuring today. As ever the day kicked off with an open water swim along the shoreline of Peurto del Carmen. The sea conditions had calmed over night but it was still pretty lumpy with the wind blowing down the beach towards the airport. Thankfully we managed to get into the water prior to the lifeguards coming on duty and got the first kilometre knocked out with the aid of the hefty wind in a pretty respectable time. A short break and then it was the 1km swim back into the headwind. this was a hard slow slog and took about half as long in time again as the swim down. about half way back i did notice that the yellow lifeguard highchairs were now occupied and they had raised their red flags so thus effectively banning any swimming for the day. We pressed on and finally made it to the wall of the hotel were I could see that the lifeguard was heading in our direction and inevitably would be wanting us out of the water. i motioned to Billy that we finish up our final 5 minutes or so by swimming back along the shoreline (just out of earshot) and then head in once we were up to the magic 50 minute mark. This worked like a treat and we were met at the waters edge by a very disgruntled lifeguard who thankfully neither of us could understand to well. lots of smiles and apologies got us through, however I think we had just received a right royal bollocking in spanish.

Heading back up the beach we were then pounced upon by two lads who wanted to know all about our swimming session, this we not just a passing interest but they actually wanted to join us on our next outing. We of course told them that we met every day at 0900hrs next to the lifeguard point, which was a half truth as tomorrow we would actually be 90 minutes into a bike ride, this however was just a little to complicated to explain in “Spanglish”.

Back at the apartment it was time to change from being swimmer to runner for a 70 minute relaxed session along the coast path to Peurto Calero.
Whilst Peurto Del Carman has embraced mass tourism, Peurto Calero is a somewhat more exclusive. The yachts and villas are bigger along with tariffs in the resturants. As we left the relative shelter of PDC and headed out onto the exposed coast path, the 30 mph headwind made what should have been a relatively easy session just a little tougher. The route was pretty interesting a few ups and downs with paved as well as unpaved sections. Our turn point just on the other side of the village where the trail opened up into a more hardcore offering that was going to be featuring in our schedule later in the week. On turning around it was time for the headwind to start working for us and as ever give us the hefty push back home.

Training session: Swim

Session Plan:

50 minutes relaxed swim, breaks every 15 minutes get some drafting practise in and fast wetsuit removal and racing exit.

Session Execution and Report:

Very happy with todays session good drafting effort, in some challenging conditions, felt calm and relaxed all the way through.

Training session: Run

Session Plan:

70 minute easy run along to Peurto Calero, no pressure, keep it easy as big bike tomrrow.

Session Execution and Report:

Kept it as chilled out as possible when not battling with the head wind