Today the IronCamp programme got into full swing, with the first of the significant biking session. 104km's in total at fairly easy pace, starting from our base at Puerto Del Carman then onto the short climb to Femes, onwards to Playa Blanca, Yaiza, Timanfaya, La Santa, Famara, then back home via Masdashe.

On the whole the session went pretty much to plan, although will take a few more days to acclimatise a little better, the sweat was practically pouring off me at a few points today.

Energised Billy, flakey Justin  

Energised Billy, flakey Justin  

Also had the opportunity to test out my new Compressport Tri Shorts (Brutal V3), They performed well although I was very thankful to a Sales Assistant in La Santa who was able to point me in the right direction for some Vaseline, which was definitely required to save my more "delicate areas" from any further abuse of the day. With "areas" appropriately moisturised riding became a whole lots more pleasant.

Tomorrow we start early with a swim off Playa Grande then onto a Volcano Crater Rim Run (AKA The Big Daddy Volcano Session) in the National Park.