Into week 2 and it's taper time

Tapering is a dark art and a fine balancing act between getting you body and mind rested and ready to race but at the same time not slacking off so much that you lose form and mentally disengage from the task ahead.  Most days have been two light sessions with the time and intensity dropping off each day. Our last session today (Thursday) was just 20 minute light OW swim with a 40 minute bike along the sea front. all pretty easy stuff. 

Of course less training means more time for other stuff, as a result it is tempting to start thinking of other things to do especially when in a holiday location such as Lanzarote, visit this, walk here, do xyz, its all to easy to do, then of course there is the consuming of food and drink, again it is easy to manicly eat carbs because thats what everyone does prior to a race right?   In fact in this environment it is probably more important to get your body fully hydrated which take a good couple of days of concerted effort.   

So kicking back and trying to enjoy the rest time has been the prime directive, Of course its not been all straight forward this trip does have a few logistics challenges the main one being that we are based on one island and the race is 80 miles away on another island.

Hire Cars and Insurance

Hiring a Car in Lanzarote is a pretty straight forward task, that is until you mention that you intend to take it off the island, then, your request is met with a resounding "No", with the excuse that they do not have offices on the Fuerteventura or that its just not their policy. However one or two companies will let you play, trying to find out the definitive rules and regulations on this is nearly as painful as gouging your eyes out with a fork, the latter at least being somewhat more entertaining.    

Needless to say we have a hire car we also have a stamp on the hire document that we can take it off the island and it still will be insured, however, there does seem to be some doubt as to whether we are actually allowed to take the car away for a multi day trip. Puerto Del Carmen office seem to be quite relaxed about the the process however, Playa Blanca office have not been keen to issue an insurance stamp for the 3 days we are off island. Time will tell I guess. 

The Race

All being well if we are allowed off the island tomorrow we should be at Playitas for 0900hrs, ready to get into race prep mode. 

Saturday 0800hrs is race start time for Challenge Fuerteventura, 1.9km swim, 90km bike and all rounded off with a 21km run. There should be live tracking at the following link we will be issued with our race numbers on Friday so will update this blog post once we have them.