Summary of the day

After a mind numbingly early start from a dark, drizzly Cornwall and a tedious Thomson Airways flight down to Lanza, it was great to arrive to the sunshine and warmth of The Windy Island. Of course the first thing that is apparent is just how barren it is, which should really come as no surprise as it is effectively just a large volcano that has sprung up out of the sea. In contrast to the black volcanic earth all the low level buildings are without exception painted white, and makes for a welcome contrast to soften the stark lanscape.

From a training perspective barring putting a toe in the water and some conditioning work on my back, it was pretty much a rest day, with most of the afternoon and early evening spent with unpacking, setting up and familiarising ourselves with Puerto del Carmen, our base for the next 14 days.

The Evening we took advantage of a free evening meal provided by some of Billy's connections on the island (Thanks to the guys at the Sunset Beach Bar), and whilst tucking into Pizza and a pint we got to witness some of the running efforts of our triathlete counterparts along the promenade. Perhaps my first impression of these efforts were that if you intend to go on a light evening run then it seems to be compulsory to wear as lairy kit as possible and then shuffle along looking like you have already run 30 kms of a marathon. Of course we have every intention of joining them tomorrow evening, (calf guards and white lycra at the ready!) although looking at the training itinerary, shuffling will not be featuring in the equation.